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Author: Mark Han Posted On: January 23, 2012 In: home

It's been a long time since i updated this portion of my website. I have been extremely busy with work these days but imagine my surprise when one of my clients shows me pictures from the TV show X Factor Season 1 and I see one of my shirts! I rarely watch reality based TV shows and even American Idol, i think i might have caught about maybe 3 shows at most. I have been watching some of the X Factor shows just because someone whom i dated was such a reality show freak. This kid Astro is only 15 years old and very talented. I think he will get far in life. Last I heard, Jay Z swooped him up after the kid got out of X- Factor. Good for you!

Anyone that wants to check out the site its HERE and HERE

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Im an artist residing in New York City. Born in Seoul, Korea, I came here to the states at the age of 7 with my family. Raised in Queens, attended high school in Brooklyn and graduating from Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, Im pretty much a product of all the bouroughs of the big apple. Staten island and bronx still gets love from me even though I usually just drive through =) I have also lived in Los Angeles for 5 years and just recently moved back to New York City. I am grateful for the fact that I experienced life on both sides of the coast and fully appreciate what each side offers.




Interesting website. I like it!